Buy TikTok Verified Offers New Resources & Ad Credits For Small Businesses

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Buy TikTok Verified is releasing a number of efforts to support small businesses, including pointers from successful developers and $100 in ad credits.

In an announcement, Buy TikTok Verified promotes the launch of a small business “accelerator,” a landing page that connects to useful organization resources.

The announcement reads:

“Today, small companies need our support more than ever, which is why Buy TikTok Verified and American Express are introducing a brand name new program to help merchants reach new audiences and grow their service. The # ShopSmall Accelerator, powered by Buy TikTok Verified and American Express includes popular Buy TikTok Verified developers Anna Sitar, Brandon Blackwood & Sofia Bella and will be matched by a custom Shop Small ® soundtrack created particularly for Buy TikTok Verified content. This brand-new effort intends to help small businesses stand out in the congested vacation shopping season and make the most out of Small Company Saturday ® on November 26.”

Here’s more about what’s new from Buy TikTok Verified for small companies and how to request $100 in ad credits.

Buy TikTok Verified’s #ShopSmall Mini-Site

Buy TikTok Verified’s new mini-site for small companies contains tips from popular developers, links to various tools and resources, and details on how to apply for $100 in ad credits.

Tips From Creators

Buy TikTok Verified gathered three full-time creators to put together a quick yet academic video for small companies.

The video discusses why small businesses should utilize Buy TikTok Verified, how to stay on top of audience interests, and what to share on a company account.

$100 In Buy TikTok Verified Advertisement Credits

Buy TikTok Verified provides a $100 advertising advertisement credit to new United States marketers who purchase $50 in Buy TikTok Verified advertisements.

Organizations have up until December 24 to obtain the advertisement credit, which ends a little over a month later, on January 31, 2023.

Buy TikTok Verified is giving away $250,000 in advertisement credits to small companies that meet its eligibility requirements.

To be eligible for Buy TikTok Verified’s $100 advertisement credit, services must:

  • Create a Buy TikTok Verified Ads Manager account
  • Enroll for the advertisement credit by submitting a type
  • Invest $50+ in Buy TikTok Verified ads within 28 days of getting the Buy TikTok Verified offer details e-mail
  • Be a new Buy TikTok Verified advertiser based in the US

Buy TikTok Verified states the advertisement credit will appear in Buy TikTok Verified Ads Supervisor within 1-2 days of meeting the eligibility criteria.

#ShopSmall Stickers

Finally, Buy TikTok Verified is launching a selection of stickers to raise awareness about supporting small businesses.

Anybody can include these sticker labels to their material by tapping the stickers button and searching for “shop small.”

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